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Man Confronts school Cop for Texting ’14yo Niece, soliciting for horny images’

Link to the video:   While most parents  of college  children  within the   u. s.  will take comfort in knowing a  policeman  is at their child’s school,  only too  often, school cops are caught committing the vilest of offenses against these children. Readers of the PBWW website know that  the matter  is rampant.  because the  following example illustrates, school cops  haven't any  problem engaging and essentially grooming children for future  statutory offence . The cop  within the  video below will likely  debate  before grooming children from  the college  at which  he's employed  after  a person  claiming to be the uncle of  a toddler  this cop was texting, confronted the cop and called him out for it. The video was posted online Tuesday as a Facebook Live video recorded by Nathan Waits, president of ‘Waits List.’ According to  the web site , Waits List is “a group of professionally trained individuals located out of Jacksonville, FL. Our goa