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‘I Can’t See Any Weapons’: Video Shows Cops Kill 6yo Boy While Executing an Unarmed Woman

In December 2017, the loose idea venture suggested at the tragic death of 6-yr-old Kameron Prescott whose lifestyles became stolen from him whilst police opened fire on an unarmed female suspected of stealing a car.

In June of 2018, the circle of relatives of the little boy who was gunned down via police located out that the law enforcement officials who killed their son all went returned to work.

The letter well-known shows new info of Prescott's killing, together with the release of a video that proves a DPS trooper knowledgeable the officer that the lady police were shooting at, had no guns.

In December 2017, the incident received significant coverage because the mainstream media suggested that Kameron turned into a hit with a "Stray bullet." however, this bullet changed into anything but "Stray." The shot that killed younger Kameron turned into deliberately fired at an unarmed lady.

Whilst Jones turned around to go away the home, cops opened fireplace at the unarmed woman with AR-15s, dumping 20 rounds into the occupied domestic, killing Jones and little Kameron.

Had an ordinary citizen opened fire on an unarmed lady and killed an innocent child inside the procedure, rest assured that they could be sitting in a prison cellular proper this moment.

Because the folks that killed this unarmed lady and baby are cops, there can be no #JusticeForKameron.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...