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Horrifying Video Shows Cops Torture Handcuffed Man, Repeatedly Taser Him for Suspended License

  Antonio Strawder is an unfortunate reminder of the lengths  cops  in America will  attend  enforce arbitrary laws  like  paying  the govt  for the privilege of driving. For a suspended license, Strawder was handcuffed, thrown to  the bottom,  and repeatedly tasered as he cried  call at  agony. Victimless "Crimes"  like  suspended licenses or expired registration are disproportionately  aimed toward  poor people and minorities. Often times people  need to  choose from  paying for food  for his or her  family or paying  the govt  for a sticker  to place  in their car. When they  take out  and therefore the  government doesn't receive their money, as Strawder's case illustrates,  they're going to  kidnap you. When people are thrown in jail for arbitrary offenses like driving on a suspended license,  they're  put into further turmoil as  they're  unable  to travel  to their jobs, get fired as a result, and kept  during a  perpetual cycle of poverty ensuring