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After the Rittenhouse verdict, the girl facing life in prison for killing a child sex trafficker should be freed.

Last month, the internet and streets erupted in both outrage and excitement after Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal on all counts by a jury of his peers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The jury ruled that Rittenhouse was justified in murdering two persons and injuring another in self-defence. Additionally, in Kenosha, only two years before Rittenhouse murdered two and injured a third, another 17-year-old defended herself from her abuser. Unlike Rittenhouse, Chrystul Kiser's assailant, on the other hand, had been assaulting her and threatening her life for more than a year. Kiser, like Rittenhouse, was 17 years old when she fatally shot Randall Volar and set fire to his home in June 2018. She met the paedophile sex trafficker a year earlier when she was sixteen, and he immediately started promoting the young melanin girl on Backpage. Since then, the website has been shut down for selling underage girls on the internet for sex. Backpage was shut down by the federal government in 2018. Michael