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Body-cam footage shows a cop shooting an unarmed 14-year-old boy in the back as he is lying face down on the ground—lawsuit

A family has received the body camera footage as  a part of  their lawsuit against the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office which  they are saying  shows a Jefferson Parish deputy shoot their 14-year-old son  within the  back. The boy, Tre’mall McGee, was complying with officers, unarmed, and completely defenseless when he was shot  within the  back,  consistent with  the lawsuit. “He was literally laid out on  the bottom   along with his  nose  within the  dirt,” attorney Christopher Murell, who represents the family said. “Thank goodness it wasn’t  quite   ammunition  because Tre’mall would be dead  without delay .” According to police, they were pursuing McGee who was a passenger  during a  car driven by another juvenile. They were accused of driving a stolen car. However,  consistent with  the lawsuit, McGee  and therefore the  driver — who  is additionally  a plaintiff  within the  case —  didn't  know the car was stolen. The incident unfolded on March 20, 2020,  because the  two