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Federal Judge Makes Radical Move to End Qualified Immunity for Bad Cops, Nationally

  Cities quite literally burned over the anger that has been boiling up over decades as cops kill people - who are often innocent, unarmed, and even children -  and obtain  away with it. To strike  the basis  of  the matter  ,  we'd like  bad cops held accountable. One major  thanks to  do that  is by ending Qualified Immunity. This month, U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves filed a 72-page opinion blasting qualified immunity which has given countless bad cops a pass all  supported  a severely flawed doctrine. In Jamison v. McClendon, U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves recently concluded that Officer Nick McClendon violated Clarence Jamison's Fourth Amendment rights when he subjected Jamison to  an almost  two-hour ordeal that included badgering, pressuring, lying and intrusively searching his car. The judge's hands were tied by the qualified immunity doctrine so he was forced to deny Jamison's legal claim. Reeves, an African American man, traced  the event