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Off-duty Cop and Friends Assault Restaurant Owner, Smash Desk After Being Asked to Mask Up

  no matter  how  you are feeling  about wearing a mask, if the owner of  a personal  business requests  that you simply  placed on  a mask before coming onto their  personal property  and you refuse to  suits  their wishes,  you're  trespassing and in violation of their property rights. Much of the anti-mask crowd, who will likely tell you they favor small government and respect property rights, fail  to know  property rights  and thus  appear as if  fools, or worse when attempting to "Resist" wearing a mask. It is important to  means  that TFTP, in no way, supports government mask mandates of any sort. One  doesn't  get to  be ordered around  sort of a  child  so as  to guard  themselves  and people  around them from  an epidemic . That being said, respecting  personal property  isn't  negotiable. On  each side  of the mask, debate exists levels of anger, hatred, and ignorance like we here at TFTP  haven't  seen. Since mask-wearing has been politicized,  we&