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Officer who murdered Donovan Lewis in Columbus was already terminated.

The Columbus Division of Police released the employee records of an officer who killed an unarmed melanin man. The records showed that the officer had been fired and then hired back.  Officer Ricky Anderson's record was released three days after the funeral of Donovan Lewis, 20, whom he fatally shot. In Anderson's most recent performance assessments from 2020 and 2019, his superiors said that he surpassed expectations in practically every area. These included communication, reliability, understanding of the work, problem-solving, and officer safety. In addition, Supervising Sgt. Steve Redding observed that the 30-year veteran of the police "often volunteers for additional SWAT operations." "Pfc. Anderson is always aware of his surroundings for his own safety and the safety of others, even when things are hard or stressful," Redding wrote.  Nonetheless, the 2019 assessment also recognised a problem in the topic of work knowledge, stating that Anderson "t

Taxpayers liable for man mauled by dog while held down by 4 cops

As the PBWW channel often recounts, families who call 911 for medical assistance for a loved one sometimes get police assistance instead. Over the years, deploying police to medical situations has had disastrous outcomes, with innocent individuals who needed medical attention instead getting fists, batons, pepper spray, and even gunshots. Travis Moya was the most recent person to be hurt by this egregious failure. A K-9 attacked him in his front yard because he was trying to get medical help. The Fulton County District Attorney's Office said they will not bring charges against Moya after fighting false accusations that were made to support the abusive police tactics. Now a lawsuit is being conducted. After looking at police bodycam footage, senior district attorney Melissa Roth wrote in a court document from June 2 that "the state feels a jury would find insufficient evidence to support a judgement of guilt." According to Moya's lawyer, L. Chris Stewart, the last year

Cop forced a compliant man to be mauled for four minutes before the dog began licking his wounds.

Michigan State trooper Parker Surbrook  33, was charged with felonious assault with a dangerous weapon. The lawsuit filed this week demanding more accountability. Surbrook is a 9 year veteran of the Michigan State Police. Driver Robert Gilliam broke his hip in the crash and says he was targeted because he was melanin. Gilliam says he ran because cops kill melanated people all the time and he was afraid of the police. The driver says he had no choice but to lie down on the ground and put his hands out in surrender after crashing his car. The K-9, Knox, followed Surbrook's orders and mauled the compliant man as he lay on the floor. He says he surrendered and could not get to his hands and feet to get up after the dog mauling. The video shows Surbrook yelling at his dog to attack Gilliam, who was unarmed and lying on the street. The dog followed Sur Brook's orders. The incident occurred on March 5. The man is suing the MSP and the police department. "He's got me…he's

Horrifying Video Shows Cop Make K9 Maul Non-violent Man by His Neck After He ‘Fit the Description’

Richard Bailey Jr., a black man from Northwestern Indiana, suits the outline of a person accused of assault and might almost be killed because of it. Newly released video shows law enforcement officials launched an ok-nine on Bailey - regardless of most effective passive verbal resistance - and allowing it to maul the person by way of the neck for over 30 seconds, almost killing him. In step with the magazine & Courier, on June 11, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Patrick Harrington asked a special prosecutor to analyze the battery and resisting allegations in opposition to Bailey and to analyze the 3 Lafayette cops - K9 Officer Josh Saxton, officials Nicholas Klimek, and Victor Sikorski - for possible crimes towards Bailey at some point of the apprehension. Because the video shows, whilst police prevent him, Bailey is clearly agitated but he's non-violent and sitting on his scooter that isn't even walking. Before Bailey should even react, police launched th

Disturbing Video Shows Cop Forcing K-9 to Maul Pinned-Down Man

A demanding video was once shared with this week displaying a site visitors give up for a suspected DUI quit with a police officer forcing his K-9 to maul a man as quite a few human beings held him down. The trooper first noticed Zaragoza riding a crimson GMC Sierra east on U.S. Highway 12, partly crossing the lane three times, in accordance with a likely purpose affidavit. Zaragoza then "Suddenly" stopped his vehicle, the affidavit said, he bought out and refused the trooper's orders to get on the ground. As he walked to the store, Zaragoza was once wrestled to the ground via the trooper, and a bystander assisted the trooper in keeping him down till backup arrived. During the war on the ground, Zaragoza refused to put his hands at the back of his back, the affidavit said, and a Yakima police officer introduced in a police canine who bit Zaragoza's leg till his fingers had been cuffed, the affidavit said. According to Sanchez,


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