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Cops Smell Weed, Walk Up to Innocent Man, Beat, Falsely Arrest Him—Taxpayers Held Liable

 In case after infuriating case, the PBWW website has reported on instances of horrifying rights violations all stemming from a policeman claiming to smell a plant. we've seen both women and men sodomized and raped — often times publicly — as cops look for this smell. we've seen entire families held hostage, women, and youngsters beat up rampant sexual abuse and every one of it stemming from a plant smell. the subsequent incident is one among those cases and therefore the taxpayers just purchased it.

The taxpayers of the town of Hutto just paid out $225,000 to buy belligerent cops hellbent on beating people up over a plant. The thing is, this man didn’t have a plant.

In May of 2018, two Hutto cops Jamie Alcocer and Gregory Parris skilled an area snitch who called 911 to report the smell of marijuana. The officers both admitted on their body cameras that they had no idea where or which house the smell was coming from. But, working on their desire to kidnap and cage someone for daring to partake during a plant, they walked the neighborhood to seek out it.

“One of the neighbors is looking, snitching,” Hutto policeman Gregory Parris is captured saying on his body camera video. Parris admitted within the recording he “had no idea” which house was the suspected source because the complaining neighbor didn’t “know the precise address,” Parris said within the video, consistent with KXAN.

After walking for a short time and not finding the culprit, the 2 cops came across an innocent man who was watching a ball game at a friend’s house. Jeremy Rogers was on personal property and had committed no crime when the 2 officers approached him. because the body camera shows, Rogers is cordial and greets the officers. But 30 seconds later, he would be shoved against the rear of a truck and facing down an insanely violent policeman.

As the video shows, Rogers told the officer that he would call his friend from inside to verify that they weren't smoking weed and were simply hanging out. But Parris just knew he had nabbed himself a criminal pothead and wanted nothing of it.

“No, don’t call him yet. Put your phone down, put your hands abreast of the truck real fast.”

Rogers replied, “For what?”

“Because I’m telling you to,” the officer said.

“What did I do wrong?” Rogers asks.

“Dude, don’t do this, put your hands abreast of the truck, man,” says Parris.

“Drinking publicly,” Alcocer says, making up a false charge to justify their attack. Rogers was on personal property which suggests their bogus claims of drinking publicly were false.

“I’m drinking within the driveway, not publicly,” Rogers answers back.

The cops then falsely claimed to smell weed on Rogers’ shirts.

“You smell like weed immediately, man … I can smell it on your shirt,” Parris said. But there was no such weed smell.

The officer demanded Rogers give him his ID at which point, Rogers said he didn’t have any.

“Give me your wallet,” Parris replies.

“Do you've got probable cause?” Rogers correctly asks.

“Yeah, how about you getting to jail immediately for public intoxication?” Parris says, again making up charges under the color of law.

“For what? I didn’t exit the boundaries” Rogers says before the officers move to kidnap him.

When Rogers challenged the officer about being drunk publicly, all hell broke loose, and therefore the officer would begin punching the innocent man, slamming his face into the rear of the truck within the process.

According to the lawsuit, Rogers pushed away in self-defense because the cop had begun an unprovoked attack on the innocent man over the false claim of smelling weed.

Parris would then slam Rogers to the bottom where he would punch him again and taser him.

At no time did either officer tell Rogers he was under arrest.

What’s more, despite the very fact that Parris would claim Rogers resisted and assaulted him, officer Alcocer’s body camera never shows Alcocer intervening during the arrest. This was also in spite of the officer radioing in to dispatch that he “had one fighting.”

The force throwing Rogers to the bottom was so great that his ear would nearly be torn from his head. consistent with the lawsuit, this has caused him permanent pain and twitching and issues with vision loss.

As Rogers was being delivered to the hospital, Parris is often heard on the body camera gloating about his attack, saying, “I need to admit that’s a pleasant right hook though.”

After the unlawful attack and kidnapping, Parris would charge Rogers with public intoxication, felony assault on a politician, and assault charges. Rogers, who has no criminal background was facing the important possibility of paying years in prison everywhere fake charges by a corrupt cop.

Luckily, all of those false charges would be dropped months later after the Texas Rangers investigated the case. Also, for his role during this attack, Parris would be arrested and charged with one count of assault with bodily injury and one count of official oppression. Parris pleaded acquitted to the fees and is awaiting trial.
As TFTP reported, the violence related to cops claiming to smell weed has gotten so out of hand that one top court in Maryland is doing something about it. The court ruled that police aren't justified in searching an individual based solely on the smell of marijuana.

This ruling may be a major boon for freedom and can only serve to enhance police and citizen interactions by removing one among the ways police can harass individuals. Hopefully, it'll spread to other states like Texas where tyrant cops like Parris smash in people’s heads for the smell.

As reported in June, an infuriating video was shared with showing North Carolina cops violate the rights of multiple innocent people because one among them smelled marijuana. No marijuana was found, but that didn’t stop cops from holding a family and their guests hostage for over an hour to seem for it.

Also in June, the case of Erica Reynolds, 37, who is seeking $12.5 million in damages accusing police of sexual abuse and battery, wrongful arrest, imprisonment, gross negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. the rationale for this sexual abuse and battery? Cops smelled weed.

Chanel Bates, 26, was leaving a restaurant when she was targeted by police who claimed they smelled marijuana. The officers’ olfactory intuition was then used because the justification to detain, savagely beat, and kidnap the entirely innocent woman who had caused harm to nobody. The infuriating and disturbing scene was captured on video.

In the land of the free, cops will claim to smell a plant on you and use that claim to violate your body within the most horrific way. and a few people still have the audacity to call this “justice.” Luckily, as this ruling in Maryland highlights, these people are getting fewer by the minute.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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