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Florida Official Arrested for Using Govt Databases to Engage in Child Sex Trafficking

  The former Seminole County  taxman  , Joel Greenberg is facing a slew of charges this month over accusations that he used his position of authority  to interact  in child sex trafficking. He also faces stalking charges for allegedly using his position  to travel  after political opponents. Greenberg has been  under attack  since June when he was arrested on federal stalking charges. He allegedly stalked opponents, and made fake social media accounts  so as  to start out  rumors about his political opponent and paint the victim as a  supremacist  . The new allegations are for crimes against children. According to the new federal indictment, Greenberg used fake IDs  for people  he was involved in "Sugar daddy relationships" with and  to interact  in "Commercial sex acts." This month he was indicted on six new charges for the alleged sex trafficking of an underage girl. According to the indictment Greenberg illegally used a state database  to seem  up information abo