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School shocked as Cop Hit with 52 charges Over horrifying Sexual Torture of children

 The students at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC likely felt secure after they saw University peace officer Charles Eugene Price in his uniform patrolling the campus. However, they not feel that way now after the announcement of his arrest together with a slew of charges associated with the repeated abuse and sexual torture of multiple children.

“I think it’s really scary especially because those are the those who are imagined to be protecting us and helping us,” said student Nikki Delissio.

Scary indeed. in line with the South Carolina Enforcement Division (SLED), the alleged child predator officer was arrested on October 16. He was initially charged with just two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with Minor under 11 years old first-degree and Criminal Sexual Conduct first-degree. However, after further investigation, that has since changed.

SLED has since tacked on dozens of more charges because the investigation continues and hit Price with 49 additional charges associated with the investigation. the costs he's facing are as follows.

9 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with Minor under 11 years old first-degree
13 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with Minor victim 11 to 14 years old second-degree
8 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct third-degree
1 count of Kidnapping
And 18 other charges, bringing the entire number of charges to 52.
Upon news of his arrest, the university immediately fired him and issued an announcement.

“Upon being notified of the open criminal investigation and thanks to the seriousness of the allegations, the peace officer was immediately relieved of his badge, credentials, and duty weapon,” a university spokesperson said in an exceeding statement. “Subsequently, the law office was placed on suspension without pay and escorted off Winthrop University property.”

The department is additionally moving to possess his enforcement certification suspended and withdrawn.

According to SLED, the fees stem from crimes committed as far back as 2007. in keeping with warrants, victims told investigators that Price had sexually abused them several times, including assaults during which he handcuffed, beat, or strangled them.

Price was known at the university as “Chuck” to the scholars and staff who were reportedly horrified once they learned of the news. He’s been a lawman since 2004.

NEW: Here could be a statement from Winthrop University. Price was suspended in late September when the department learned he was being investigated. an indoor investigation found that none of the alleged criminal acts happened on campus. He was fired the day he was arrested. @wcnc

— Chloe Leshner (@ChloeLeshner) October 27, 2020

University officials were quick to distance themselves from Price and noted that none of the criminal incidents happened on their property or when the officer was on duty working for the university.

“At this point, neither WUPD’s Internal Affairs investigation nor SLED’s criminal investigation, has uncovered any evidence that these criminal incidents occurred on Winthrop University property or as a part of the previous police officer’s official duty as an enforcement officer,” the university spokesperson said in a very statement.

They also found out that upon hearing of the SLED’s investigation, they conducted their own investigation and did nothing to guard the officer.

“WUPD and Winthrop University want to assure the general public that upon being initially notified of things, swift action was undertaken to confirm the continued safety and protection of the campus and also the community,” a Winthrop University spokesperson said in an exceeding statement.

Check the link for the video:

Currently, Price is being held in an exceedingly Lancaster county jail and has been denied bail thanks to the intense nature of his crimes. it's unknown when he's due back in court.

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