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Cops Assault a Helpless Deaf Mother for 'Constant Erratic Hand Movements' and 'Not Listening.'

Andrea Hollingsworth, who is deaf, was detained by police and forced to use American Sign Language to communicate with her children. Police officer Michael Rose interpreted her attempts to communicate as a lack of cooperation. The incident was a "clear violation" of the Americans with Disabilities Act. NLVPD has a deaf interpreter on staff 24/7 available via phone or iPad or cellphone. The incident was captured on police body camera footage that shows the officers' point of view, not the deaf woman's. The officer who detained her used her deaf daughter as an excuse to shove her to the ground. A Deaf mother was stopped by police for trying to get money back from a friend. Her children told police their friend owed them $200 in rent money. Police detained her and made her children translate for them.