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What It's Like to Ride a Bicycle in a Police State Because Melanin Is Present

Two melanin men were assaulted with deadly weapons, forced to crawl on the ground, and nearly shot by police. One of the men, who goes by the handle Riskie_e on Tik-Tok, happened to be filming with his Go-Pro camera at the time of the stop. The two young men were wearing Go-Pros, holding grocery bags, riding expensive bicycles with highly reflective gear and neon lights. "You fit the description," one of the cops can be heard saying in the video. "We ain't do nothing," Riskie yelled. "I'm saying you got your guns drawn and we ain't done nothing." The two men were told why they were being held at gunpoint and humiliated by cops. The video has since gone viral and received more than 1 million views on YouTube. The men were stopped by a police cruiser parked in front of their home after robbing a couple earlier that night. The police officer accused the pair of robbing a couple of robbing couples earlier that day. A young man riding his bike in S