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Cop Becomes Activist Following the Execution of Her Innocent Teen Son While Sleeping During a Raid on the Wrong Person

Isaiah Williams, 19, had grandiose ambitions. He had just graduated from high school and, like his mother, was seeking a career in government service. Unfortunately, that life will never arrive since it was cut short in the middle of the night by officers executing a no-knock warrant. Williams was not the intended target of the warrant, yet he was executed while sleeping on a couch. "Police said the gunman, 19-year-old Isaiah Tyree Williams, opened fire after cops smashed a window and entered the apartment between Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley Drive at approximately 5 a.m. on Monday," a report from a local CBS station said. However, the issue is whether protecting your house against armed attackers qualifies you as a "shooter." Latia Alexander, Williams' mother, agrees, as do a large number of people who have now resorted up oppose Williams' death. "It's been incredibly difficult; some days I've had really awful days and other days I've