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Investigation Shows Cops 'Have No Legal Reason' to Stop Elijah McClain, Far Less Choke & Injure Him

  Elijah McClain was killed by police after he was put  in a very  chokehold and given the sedative ketamine. The incident began when someone  within the  neighborhood called the police because McClain was walking down  the road  with groceries while wearing a mask. McClain reportedly always wore the mask because he was anemic,  and infrequently  got cold, and he was an introvert. Now,  quite  a year and a half later, an independent investigation, commissioned by  the town , has found that police had no legal basis  to prevent  McClain that night as he had broken absolutely no law. According to the Denver Post, the investigation also found that the department’s own investigation conducted by detectives  within the  Major Crimes Unit — was deeply flawed — and deliberately steered to exonerate the officers involved. The detectives  did not  ask basic, critical questions of the officers involved in McClain’s death, and instead “the questions frequently appeared designed to elicit specific