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Investigation Shows Cops 'Have No Legal Reason' to Stop Elijah McClain, Far Less Choke & Injure Him

 Elijah McClain was killed by police after he was put in a very chokehold and given the sedative ketamine. The incident began when someone within the neighborhood called the police because McClain was walking down the road with groceries while wearing a mask. McClain reportedly always wore the mask because he was anemic, and infrequently got cold, and he was an introvert.

Now, quite a year and a half later, an independent investigation, commissioned by the town, has found that police had no legal basis to prevent McClain that night as he had broken absolutely no law.

According to the Denver Post, the investigation also found that the department’s own investigation conducted by detectives within the Major Crimes Unit — was deeply flawed — and deliberately steered to exonerate the officers involved.

The detectives did not ask basic, critical questions of the officers involved in McClain’s death, and instead “the questions frequently appeared designed to elicit specific exonerating ‘magic language’ found in court rulings,” the report states.

“In addition, the report of the main Crime Unit stretched the record to exonerate the officers instead of present a neutral version of the facts,” the investigators wrote.

“It is tough to imagine the other persons involved during a fatal incident being interviewed as these officers were,” the investigators continued.

“The body-worn camera audio, limited video, and Major Crime’s interviews with the officers tell two contrasting stories,” the report states. “The officers’ statements on the scene and in subsequent recorded interviews suggest a violent and relentless struggle. The limited video, and therefore the audio from the body-worn cameras, reveals Mr. McClain surrounded by officers, all larger than he, crying enter pain, apologizing, explaining himself, and pleading with the officers.”

The investigation also implicated the EMTs who showed up and injected McClain with ketamine at the request of the officers. apart from blindly following cops’ orders to inject someone with ketamine, EMTs also did not accurately determine McClain’s weight, resulting in the 140-pound innocent man receiving a dose for a 190-pound man.

“Aurora Fire appears to possess accepted the officers’ impression that Mr. McClain had excited delirium without corroborating that impression through meaningful observation or diagnostic examination of Mr. McClain,” the investigators wrote.

McClain’s mother, Shereen McClain, “is relieved that the reality surrounding the death of her son is finally coming to light,” per an announcement issued by her attorneys, the Post reported.

“The Aurora officials who contributed to Elijah’s death must be immediately terminated,” in line with the statement from the Rathod Mohamedbhai house. “Ms. McClain continues to incorporate the legal action of these to blame for Elijah’s death. Elijah committed no crime on the day of his death, but those that are liable for Elijah’s death certainly did.”

At the time of his death, McClain had never gotten such a lot as a ticket in his life.

Moments after police approached McClain claiming that he fit the outline of a suspect. They claim that he resisted arrest and needed to be subdued. McClain had committed no crime when police initiated force against him. He was merely walking home from the shop after purchasing some tea.

At the time, police claimed body camera footage showed McClain reaching for a gun, but this was unsubstantiated.

At a group discussion after police killed him, officer Metz told reporters that “Elijah grabbed the grip of an officer’s holstered gun. A struggle ensued to the bottom where three body-worn cameras did become dislodged.”

But this was simply not true.

“He contacts the bottom vomiting, he's begging, he's saying, ‘I can’t breathe.’ one in every one of the officers says, ‘Don’t move again. If you progress again, I’m calling during a dog to bite you,'” said Mari Newman, the McClain’s lawyer, completely dismantling the official story.

During the altercation, McClain was placed in an exceedingly carotid restraint, a way that was recently banned by the Aurora department of local government. While McClain was restrained, The Aurora department of local government was called to the scene to offer him ketamine, a robust sedative. After being choked out and forcibly drugged for committing no crime, McClain went into asystole twice while on the thanks to the hospital.

In his previous couple of words on this planet, McClain can be heard saying, “I’m an introvert. I’m just different. That’s all. I’m so sorry. I've got no gun. I don’t do this stuff. I don’t do any fighting. Why are you attacking me? I don’t even kill flies! I don’t eat meat! But I don’t judge people, I don’t judge those who do eat meat. Forgive me … I’m so sorry.”

He was innocent, successful, and a lightweight during this often dark world and police killed him for being different. Then, after they killed him, they went back to the scene of the crime and reenacted it for fun.

According to city officials, they're going to decide in the week on a way to move forward with this new information.

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