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Cop assaults EMT rushing patient to ER because ambulance door dinged his car

The Rochester police department has a history of controversies. Throughout the years, their cops have been documented murdering individuals wearing hoods, pepper spraying toddlers, beating individuals to death, and torturing young children. Now they can add harassing and kidnapping an EMT to their extensive list of undesirable actions. A Rochester police officer has been placed on desk duty and is now under investigation after he was seen on camera punching and then arresting an EMT during a medical emergency. What was the officer's rationale for the action? While offloading the patient, the EMT inadvertently dinged his vehicle's door. The cop had parked his vehicle in the emergency unloading area of the hospital, which is only approved for ambulances, for unknown reasons. When the ambulance arrived to offload the patient, the officer elected not to move his vehicle, leaving it in the path of the EMTs. As the paramedic discharged the patient, the ambulance door accidentally str