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Cops Pursue Unarmed 13-Year-Old Boy, Shoot Him When He Raises His Hands

Another unarmed 13-year-old was shot by Chicago police officers. The boy's hands were up, he posed no danger, and he was only a passenger in a car that was suspected of being stolen.

This Monday, the boy's parents filed a lawsuit against the city and the Chicago police department, alleging that CPD's "long sordid history of deploying excessive force" contributed to the shooting of their son.

Since he was shot on May 18, the kid known only as A.G. in the complaint has been hospitalised in serious condition. According to the complaint, the bullet struck him in the spine and has left him with "permanent and catastrophic" injuries.

A.G. was fleeing the gunman, he was unarmed, and he presented no danger to the officer who shot him or anybody else in the area, according to the complaint. "Multiple witnesses at the scene testified that A.G. obeyed the officers' instruction to raise his hands, and his hands were definitely up when John Doe Officer shot him,"

According to the police, they were investigating a suspected carjacker driving a stolen vehicle. The toddler was not the driver, but when police stopped the car, he leapt from the backseat and fled.

In the 800 block of North Cicero Avenue around 10:15 p.m., officers were attempting to "intercept a stolen car sought in connection with a vehicular hijacking from a nearby suburb," according to a statement from Chicago police.

Police would allege that when the toddler fled, he momentarily "turned toward cops" before one of them opened fire and fatally wounded the defenceless child. The youngster did stop, but he was raising his hands in the air and had them up when the officer opened fire.

A witness who did not want to be recognised told ABC7, "All of a sudden, I saw a little man dressed in all black exit the vehicle and dash toward the petrol station with his hands up."

"And I saw the officer approach the youngster and begin firing. "He had no weapon whatsoever," the witness said.

"They said, 'Raise your hands, raise your hands!'" The child's hands were raised. There are others who have seen it. It was everything on my phone, and his hands were raised. "He was unarmed," the witness said. They shot him without justification.

David Brown, chief of police for the city of Chicago, said that no guns were fired at cops.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, police body camera footage of the incident was sent to COPA, along with footage from a police POD surveillance camera and a third-party camera, the agency said in a statement. "However, since the victim is a minor, COPA is prevented by law from releasing the video in accordance with a municipal regulation mandating the publication of most videos within 60 days."

COPA similarly withheld the publication of footage depicting the execution of Adam Toledo. Now, A.G.'s mother is requesting the release of this body camera video as well.

If this boy was engaged in the first carjacking, he deserved to be punished. Nevertheless, it is not the responsibility of the Chicago police force to act as judge, juror, and executioner. Now, rather than facing punishment and learning from his errors, this 13-year-old youngster may spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, with Chicago taxpayers footing the tab.

"The cops were not required to shoot him. "They didn't have to kill him if he ran out of the vehicle and he was not a danger," claimed a lady in her 70s who lives a block from the petrol station. "I'm so sad. He is just 13 years old.... they need leadership."

Below is the first footage captured by the petrol station's security camera. It depicts numerous cops pursuing A.G. before he is shot and falls to the ground.

Although it is unclear if A.G. had his hands up in the footage above, it is evident in the video below, caught by a pod camera and acquired by WGN, that his hands were in the air when he was shot.

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