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Cops Pursue Unarmed 13-Year-Old Boy, Shoot Him When He Raises His Hands

Another unarmed 13-year-old was shot by Chicago police officers. The boy's hands were up, he posed no danger, and he was only a passenger in a car that was suspected of being stolen. This Monday, the boy's parents filed a lawsuit against the city and the Chicago police department, alleging that CPD's "long sordid history of deploying excessive force" contributed to the shooting of their son. Since he was shot on May 18, the kid known only as A.G. in the complaint has been hospitalised in serious condition. According to the complaint, the bullet struck him in the spine and has left him with "permanent and catastrophic" injuries. A.G. was fleeing the gunman, he was unarmed, and he presented no danger to the officer who shot him or anybody else in the area, according to the complaint. "Multiple witnesses at the scene testified that A.G. obeyed the officers' instruction to raise his hands, and his hands were definitely up when John Doe Officer shot