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Dozens of Cops, Judges, Prosecutors Present Letter to Congress to Legalize Weed, Expunge All Convictions

  The organization is formerly  referred to as  enforcement  Against Prohibition, now  referred to as  enforcement  Action Partnership,  alongside  the National Black Police Association, and Fair and Just Prosecution have signed onto a revolutionary letter to Congress urging the  federal  to legalize marijuana and expunge all past convictions  concerning  marijuana. In addition to the three major groups signing on to the letter, dozens of current and former prosecutors, judges, and  cops . I'm proud  to hitch  these  enforcement  officials in saying  we'd like  to right the wrongs of the failed war on drugs. We remain focused on combating violent crime,  and therefore the  work we've done clearing cannabis records is opening doors for thousands and strengthening our communities. The letter went out last month and is addressed to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House  legislator  Steny Hoyer. It calls on House lawmakers to "Swiftly bring" the bill, dubbed the Marijuana Op