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Cop Dumps 15 Rounds into Man With Hands Up, Kept Shooting His Lifeless Body—NO CHARGES

In March of this year,  a lover  of the family of 20-year-old Jesse Cedillo shared  a tough  to observe  the video with the  Project showing his last moments alive. While being pursued by police, Cedillo  seemed to  have his hands  within the  air before a Pueblo  policeman  opened fire on him, shooting  a complete  of 15 rounds, including several after he had fallen to  the bottom  and  wasn't  moving. Now, almost six months after killing Cedillo, the Tenth Judicial District Attorney's Office has cleared the deputy who shot and killed the young man. After clearing Deputy Jeffrey Alfonso  within the  death of Cedillo, the department also released the body camera footage from the shooting. They claim it justifies the man's death and exonerates their officer. According to police,  a lady  reported that Cedillo pointed a gun at her, threatened her, and took her 2016 Nissan Versa. When officers spotted the car, a chase ensued and ended when Cedillo crashed into a  telegraph pol