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Cops handcuff, body slam, and stomp an innocent man at a park

Jermaine Vaughn had done no wrong and committed no crime on the day he was assaulted by cops. Even the police acknowledge in their probable cause affidavit that Vaughn was merely "speaking/yelling to no one in particular" at a park on Sept. 24, but he was arrested and brutally abused — with a boot, stamping on his face — while he lay powerless on the ground.

Because Vaughn's police assault was recorded on body camera and plainly demonstrated a mindless beating, one of the officers involved has been arrested for stomping on Vaughn's face while he was on the ground in handcuffs.

This week, a graphic body camera video was revealed of the event that resulted in charges being filed against Sergeant Eric Huxley. It is nothing less than a heinous assault on an innocent guy for "speaking."

As the video demonstrates, despite the fact that Vaughn is handcuffed, bike officer Matthew Shores is flinging him about like a ragdoll. He then takes the guy by the neck and slams him to the ground, seemingly for no reason.

"Are we sure we're not going to do this?" As Vaughn is pushed to the ground, an officer is heard yelling.

"Vaughn is on his backside on the ground, gazing up at Ofc. Shores, his hands tied behind his back," the probable cause statement says. Sgt. Huxley then approaches Vaughn, raises his left leg, and smashes his left foot into the back of his head. Within seconds, blood begins to flow freely from Vaughn's lips."

"You're finished," an officer says as Huxley stomps on the innocent man's face.

As the video plainly demonstrates, Vaughn poses no danger to anybody until Huxley stomps on his face, knocking him unconscious and disoriented.

The stomp was so heinous that the department was unable to ignore it, and the chief quickly proceeded to dismiss Huxley. He was subsequently charged with criminal assault and misconduct in an official capacity.

"I'm displeased. It pains me to watch any of our cops treat someone in this manner. "There is no justification for that," IMPD Chief Randal Taylor said during Tuesday's video release. "I realise that some individuals may be angry after seeing this film, and we'll work to repair those fences whenever possible."

Huxley very certainly believed he got away with the stomp since it took the chief almost two weeks to become aware of the video's existence. Taylor said that the stomp was found as a result of IMPD's regular Blue Team Use of Force reporting procedure.

Taylor informed reporters that officer Shores disclosed his own use of force, which included the leg sweep that knocked Vaughn to the ground. Shores has been transferred to desk duty awaiting the outcome of an inquiry for dragging the detained guy to the ground without cause.

When questioned why he believed Huxley stepped on Vaughn's face, Shores told the Special Investigations Unit, "I'm not sure how he got engaged in that manner." I wish I could ask, but I suppose we'll never know."

When Huxley was questioned, he said that the stomp to Vaughn's face was "an accident" and that he was trying to hold him down with his foot by the shoulder. This is obviously a fabrication, as the video demonstrates – and prosecutors concur.

"The camera footage speaks for itself in this event," Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears told FOX59 News. "I believe that in a situation like this, it is very beneficial since it shows the circumstances leading up to the meeting between the two people and allows you to watch the events unfold in real-time."

According to FOX59, Taylor said that he has submitted the matter to the FBI and United States Attorney for possible federal civil rights crimes.

The video below depicts what it's like to converse in a park under a police state.

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