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Despite being shot, an unarmed man repeatedly obeys the ‘Hands Up' order.

Two police officers of the Lawton Police Department in Oklahoma have been fired and charged with manslaughter after their execution of an unarmed man who repeatedly sought to comply with their commands to put his hands up was filmed on their own body cameras. In December 2021, officers Nathan Michael Ronan and Robert Leslie Hinkle were sent to investigate an allegation of a man allegedly breaking a restraining order. Ronan and Hinkle would fill Quandry Sanders with more than a dozen gunshot wounds only moments after their arrival. Sanders was unarmed and repeatedly had his hands in the air when he was executed by two of Lawton's finest. In response to an allegation that he was in an armed standoff with women and children inside the house, police body camera footage saw Sanders exiting the residence. However, as soon as he was given the opportunity, Sanders left the house. It is unknown if he truly had a gun inside the house, but he was completely disarmed outside. As shown by the v