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Taxpayers Hit for $750K After cops assault NBA superstar Sterling Brown — for Parking Incorrectly

  In January 2018, Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown was running into a Walgreens store when he was approached by a lone  peace officer . That one officer then  caught up  backup and within minutes, nearly a dozen cops had this innocent man, surrounded, assaulted, tasered, and arrested because he had incorrectly parked. Now,  due to  the incompetence and brutality exhibited by these officers, the taxpayers  are going to be   administering  $750,000 to Brown  within the   kind of  a settlement.  in a very  rare move, the settlement proposal also includes an admission that Brown’s constitutional rights were violated when officers took him to  the bottom , tasered him, and arrested him. If this proposal is approved  it'd  be  the primary  time in Milwaukee’s history that  the town  ever admitted fault  in an exceeding  police misconduct case — despite paying out tens of millions in settlements. According to,  in mere  the last five years, police misconduct has cost Mil