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Ex-policeman sentenced to life in prison for murdering football fan

Justice Adenike Coker of the Lagos High Court in Ikeja found former police officer Olalekan Ogunyemi guilty of first-degree murder on Thursday and gave him a life sentence for the death of football fan Kolade Johnson.

On March 31, 2019, at a viewing centre in Mangoro, Ikeja, Lagos, Ogunyemi, who was affiliated with the Special Anti-Cultism Squad of the Nigeria Police, shot Johnson in the lower abdomen. The incident took place in a viewing centre.

When the victim was shot by the convicted murderer, he was in the process of watching a football game between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

While he was delivering judgement in case no. ID/9776C/2019 between the State of Lagos and Ogunyemi Olalekan, Justice Coker found the defendant guilty of the charge. So, the defendant was given a life sentence in prison, with the requirement that he serve at least 25 years before he could be released.

On Thursday, when the issue was reopened for hearing, the prosecution counsel for Lagos State, Jubril Kareem, declared his attendance. On the other hand, Abayomi Omotubora appeared for the defence.

The court also handed down a sentence of life in prison for manslaughter against the police officer who was fired.

Olalekan was at first charged with murder, but the court ultimately decided that he was responsible for manslaughter.

During the trial, seven witnesses gave evidence for the prosecution, while only two witnesses gave evidence for the defense.

During the trial, a pathologist by the name of Dr. Oluwaseun Williams testified that 35-year-old Johnson had six bullet wounds.


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