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Cop Body Cam was turned off before killing the innocent man, but the phone was caught

  A Columbus  peace officer  has been relieved of duty  in the week  after shooting an apparently innocent man who was holding nothing but a phone. Neither the victim nor the cop has been identified. However, protests are already  within the  works. According to police, they received a call Tuesday evening, which they  stated  as a “non-emergency call,”  a couple of  men sitting  in a  car.  in keeping with  police, the caller said  the person  was turning the car on and off — which never warrants a call to the police and shouldn’t even warrant a response — as he could’ve simply been  functioning on  his car. Police responded anyway.  in step with  police,  the person  in question was visiting a relative at  the house  and  once they  arrived, he walked toward them holding his phone. None of the responding officers had activated their body cameras. According to police, as they walked toward  the person , he walked toward them  along with his  cellphone in his hand. At  now , one office