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Cops Lie About a Missing Taillight in Order to Arrest and Beat an Innocent Teen

 On the night Neco Bonham was pulled over by Richardson police, he had broken no laws and given cops zero reasons to tug him over. Bonham — who has no record — was polite and complied with all of the officer’s orders. Unfortunately, however, the officer who stopped him had a history of violence and corruption, so no amount of politeness and innocence was enough to guard this 18-year-old kid from police violence.

Though the stop originally passed off in December 2018, body camera footage was barely released as a part of a lawsuit filed against the 2 officers who stopped him and therefore the city of Richardson. consistent with the lawsuit, Officer Parker Winn contrived a bogus stop to fish for drug activity based solely on the actual fact that Bonham was a “young Negroid with a hoodie.”

Given the very fact that melanin people account for 25.4% of all traffic stops within the city of Richardson while representing only 9% of the city’s population, this claim is certainly warranted.

“I believe the explanation he pulled him over is he saw a young Negro driving a car,” Bonham’s attorney Damon Mathias said. “The thought process, which is totally illegitimate, is ‘I’m pulling over a young melanin male during a hoodie and he probably has weed within the car, so I can do what I want to try to to.’”

After being pulled over, Bonham was compliant, polite, and easily asked Winn why he was being stopped.

“May I ask why I’m getting stopped?” Bonham asked.

“You got a headlight out, back right —uhh — brake lights not working, and also your car place light is out, so all three of these things,” Winn replied.

However, in line with the lawsuit, and which is evidenced within the video, there's photographic evidence that these claims weren't true.

“Winn, knowing he fabricated the idea to prevent the teenager, was already bent on his course of action,” the lawsuit says.

As the stop progressed, Bonham gave the officer his insurance and even told him where he was headed, which was to assist an acquaintance to fix a flat. He was clearly not a threat in any respect.

“I was scared. I felt I did everything correctly,” Bonham told The Dallas Morning News.

But doing everything correctly was no defense against brutality.

“Do me a favor, get out on behalf of me real quick,” Winn said.

Bonham, who has no criminal history, and who works at an alternative energy company, unbuckled his life belt and opened his door to comply.

“Is there a reason why you're asking me to induce out of the car?” he said.

Winn refused to answer, only repeating the demand.

“He clearly gave the impression to be nothing quite a scared teenager confused by the request,” the lawsuit says.

After asking all over again, Winn refused to answer and so became unhinged and physically accosted the teenager.

Winn then falsely claimed Bonham “punched” him, in line with the lawsuit. No punch is visible within the video and Bonham appears shocked when Winn makes the claim to his backup officer who had just arrived and immediately denies it.

Bonham was then tasered, dragged from the car, slammed to the bottom, punched repeatedly within the head and face, and arrested on a mess of charges, including felony assault on a politician.

After dragging the teenager from the car and beating him senseless, the groundwork was conducted for the vehicle. Inside Bonham’s backpack, squished up at the underside was an empty sealed zip lock bag of marijuana that contained some flakes of shake. The officer would later last to write down in his report that the explanation he asked Bonham to induce out of the truck was that he smelled that marijuana — an outright bogus claim.

“That a crumble of marijuana within the bottom of a backpack would emit an odor that may are detected by Winn is just ludicrous,” the lawsuit says.

Luckily for Bonham, once the court viewed body camera footage and realized there was no legal basis for the stop, all charges against him were thrown out.

He is now suing the cops who have claimed qualified immunity in their case.

Highlighting the matter with bad cops is that Winn encompasses a history of violence and misconduct, and since he wasn't fired for attacking Bonham, he will continue down this path of violence and rights violations. consistent with the Dallas Observer:

In October 2017, Winn was the topic of a disciplinary investigation because a DWI case was dismissed as a result of excessive force getting used during the arrest. There are several other samples of Winn using excessive force mentioned within the lawsuit.

Also in 2017, Winn tased, punched, and elbowed another individual, a “non-compliant” melanin male, during an arrest, court records say. Winn and another officer-involved were recommended to undergo remedial training in use-of-force options. in keeping with court documents, however, “Upon information and belief, Defendant WINN didn't participate during this recommended remedial training.”

According to the lawsuit, Winn received a written reprimand for escalating the Bonham traffic stop, but he didn't admit fault and said he would be intimate the identical way again.

Residents of Richardson beware, officer Winn is patrolling your streets and contains a propensity toward violence and fabricating reasons to prevent innocent melanin men.

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