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Cops Lie About a Missing Taillight in Order to Arrest and Beat an Innocent Teen

  On the night Neco Bonham was pulled over by Richardson police, he had broken no laws and given cops zero reasons  to tug  him over. Bonham — who has no  record  — was polite and complied with all of the officer’s orders. Unfortunately, however, the officer who stopped him had a history of violence and corruption, so no amount of politeness and innocence was enough  to guard  this 18-year-old kid from police violence. Though the stop originally  passed off  in December 2018, body camera footage was  barely  released as  a part of  a lawsuit filed against  the 2  officers who stopped him  and therefore the  city of Richardson.  consistent with  the lawsuit, Officer Parker Winn contrived a bogus stop to fish for drug activity based solely on  the actual fact  that Bonham was a “young  Negroid  with a hoodie.” Given  the very fact  that melanin people account for 25.4% of all traffic stops  within the  city of Richardson while representing only 9% of the city’s population, this claim is