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Cops Hold Innocent Pregnant Mom at Gunpoint as She Eats Ice Cream in Her Car

Latasha Tyler, who is 7 months pregnant discovered this the difficult way recently as she sat in her automobile and ate ice cream. Tyler had completed not anything wrong, devoted no crime, and turned into sincerely playing an ice cream cone in her car whilst she turned into surrounded via cops, pressured out of her vehicle, and nearly killed. EPD spokesman Sgt. Nick Winsett stated police have been referred to as to the car parking zone of the G.D. Ritzy's region. Her publish became correct and the video indicates at the least one officer did indeed maintain her and her unborn toddler at gunpoint. No guns were recovered, and police couldn't find the anonymous caller. Within the video, a person is visible looking to surrender to the police together with his arms within the air, moments later, he'd be killed by means of a police officer firing his AR-15. The subsequent month, police admitted forty two-12 months-antique Michael Ramos had no gun and that the whole cause for this