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Good Cop Jumps In, Stops horrific Cop from Attacking innocent Handcuffed guy

if you have got one bad cop in an exceeding department who continuously violates people’s rights and 50 cops who watch him roll in the hay and say nothing, then you've got 51 bad cops. The silence when witnessing corruption among your own ranks is that the same as concluding that corruption. Sadly, silence is that the norm, nearly as good cops who speak out or try and stop the corruption, are more often than not, fired, retaliated against, and even threatened and attacked.

Instances of fine cops keeping their jobs for exposing bad cops are extremely rare, which is why the subsequent case out of Panama City is so important. An unnamed officer from the Panama City department of local government has been fired after an honest cop decided to try and do the correct thing. Now, in step with a press release from the department in the week, criminal charges could follow.

The incident began last week when police skilled an unstable man pushing a wheelchair down a sidewalk and photographing the Chapman Early Education Center. Though it's somewhat creepy to film into a college, as quite a decade of case law and also the constitution confirms, filming publically is legal. So, although some folks may are disturbed by his actions when police approached Calvin Pittman, 41, he hadn’t committed a criminal offense.

Tony Bostick, Northwest Florida Minority Business Chamber leader, said that Pittman has “diminished wit,” which explains why he gave the cops the subsequent reason for filming.

When asked why he was filming the scholars and staff, Pittman said, “They were intent on killing me, and that I should record it,” before saying that he thought that the officers were fake police which he was frightened of them.

Clearly, Pittman is unsound, and clearly, a minimum of one in every one of the officers involved in his detainment was either untrained in addressing the unstable or likes to require out his anger on them. Either way, a man, who the community says is harmless, was subsequently handcuffed and attacked by a Panama city cop.

“He’s been known to run around town and sometimes he goes in and out but he doesn’t harm anyone,” Bostick said.

According to the officer, when he moved to handcuff Pittman — who had not committed against the law — Pittman became uncooperative. This response by someone in Pittman’s brain is to be expected after they are being questioned or arrested and people with the correct training would know the way to reply. The officer within the video below didn't understand how to reply.

Once Pittman was in handcuffs, for a few reasons, per police, a “secondary incident” occurred between Pittman and an official. Exactly why the officer felt it necessary to leap on top of Pittman is unclear. However, his fellow officer obviously knew it had been not justified and moved in to intervene.

In an especially rare move, the great cop intervenes and is seen on video pulling his fellow cop off of Pittman and shoving him to the side. the nice cop pushes the bad prefer of the way and appears to inform him to prevent doing what he's doing.

“So far, what we all know is that Mr. Pittman was assaulted by a Panama City law officer. A secondary officer stood by and watched it without intervening, then a 3rd officer actually came in and pulled him off,” Bostick said. “As a result, now they’re trying to mention that Mr. Pittman assaulted the opposite officer that pulled him off.”

Because that good cop decided to try to do what's right, the officer seen within the video allegedly attacking the innocent unsound man now has his own department pushing for batter charges against him. this is often how progress is created. 

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