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Good Cop Jumps In, Stops horrific Cop from Attacking innocent Handcuffed guy

if  you have got   one  bad cop  in an exceeding  department who continuously violates people’s rights and 50 cops who watch him  roll in the hay  and say nothing, then  you've got  51 bad cops. The silence when witnessing corruption among your own ranks  is that the  same as  concluding  that corruption. Sadly, silence  is that the  norm,  nearly as good  cops who speak out or  try and  stop the corruption, are more often than not, fired, retaliated against, and even threatened and attacked. Instances  of fine  cops keeping their jobs for exposing bad cops are extremely rare, which is why  the subsequent  case out of Panama City is so important. An unnamed officer from the Panama City  department of local government  has been fired after  an honest  cop decided  to try and do   the correct  thing. Now,  in step with   a press release  from the department  in the week , criminal charges could follow. The incident began last week when police  skilled  an  unstable  man pushing a whe