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Government Furious After Red Light Cameras Across City Covered In Paint

Take away the political corruption, bribery scandals, increased accidents, and police state issues with Red Light Cameras and we are still left with a system that is rooted in the removal of due process. The good news is that after the corporatist red light camera industry spread through the nation like a cancer for more than a decade, people are finally beginning to realize their inherently despotic nature. In Colorado Springs, a Red Light Bandit has infuriated police and government revenue generators by painting over the cameras all across the city. In April of last year, as cities across the country were ending their Red Light profiteering scams, Colorado Springs began theirs. They have continued to increase the number of cameras on a regular basis, driving some folks to retaliate. Over the weekend, several drivers took pictures of vandalism and various intersections, including Platte and Chelton that historically has the most run red lights in the city. Colorado Springs police say