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The COVID-19 vaccine is required by a judge, or else the man will be arrested and charged.

Brandon Rutherford was recently confronted in an Ohio courtroom with a choice: get vaccinated or risk prison. On August 4, Judge Christopher Wagner of Hamilton County, Ohio sentenced the 21-year-old to two years probation for fentanyl possession. However, his punishment came with a twist: he was required to get a COVID vaccination as a condition of his probation. If Rutherford does not cooperate, he faces up to 18 months in prison. “I'm not a doctor, but I believe the vaccination is much safer than the fentanyl you had in your pocket,” Wagner told Rutherford. Wagner offered Rutherford 60 days to be vaccinated and said, "You're going to keep your job." You will not be in the presence of a weapon. I'm going to order you to obtain a vaccination within the next two months and bring it to the probation office." The judge discovered Rutherford's vaccination status only after questioning him when he appeared in court wearing a mask—a policy Wagner instituted for