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Body cam shows cop shooting unarmed 13-year-old with hands up, paralysing him

Another unarmed 13-year-old was shot by a Chicago police officer. The boy's hands were up; he posed no danger, and he was only a passenger in a car that was suspected of being stolen. Since that day, more than two months have passed, and we have recently heard that the officer who shot the youngster did not activate his body camera. However, a nearby officer had his camera on and recorded the shooting on film. One week after their son was shot, the boy's parents filed a lawsuit against the city and the Chicago police department, alleging that the agency has been too tardy in enacting changes to address CPD's "long sordid history of employing excessive force." As evidence, their son's paralysis after a shooting "This little boy's life has been irrevocably altered," said the family's attorney, Andrew M. Stroth. This energetic little child is struggling to regain his ability to walk. Since he was shot on May 18, the youngster, known only as A.G.