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Philadelphia cops investigated for racist comments; off duty Chicago cop shot

Philadelphia cops investigated for offensive comments. Off duty Chicago cop in critical condition after being shot in the head; Portsmouth VA force out one Black female chief - replaces her with another more reported deaths in the DR and other trending news! An LAPD insider, whose career spanned over two decades, Sgt. Dorsey highlights criminal, social or public policy injustices affecting disenfranchised communities throughout the nation. As a police professional, Sgt. Dorsey recognizes and exposes institutional and police abuses, as well as social justice disparities, while introducing strategies and commentary on how to systematically attack those injustices and empower audiences on how to navigate within that system, when necessary, and help change that system, when possible. An acclaimed speaker, author, and retired veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey has written an autobiography, Black and Blue, The Creation Of A Social Advocate, which provides