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Neighbors Shocked as Cops Attack, Kidnap Amazon Delivery Man for ‘Parking Wrong’

As the Free Thought Project reports on a regular basis, cops enforcing arbitrary laws with no victims, can and will escalate force to the point of killing you for non-compliance. Residents of a quiet Michigan suburb got a shocking dose of this reality Tuesday as they watched an Amazon delivery driver get slammed to the ground and hauled off in handcuffs as he delivered packages to their neighbors. His alleged “crime”? According to residents, he parked on the wrong side of the road. Residents watched in awe from their porches Tuesday afternoon as the driver was tackled to the ground, handcuffed, and then hauled off by cops over the incident. On Wednesday, Warren police  announced  they will be charging the driver with felony charges for resisting arrest and failing to show ID. Apparently, the cop who tackled the 23-year-old Amazon delivery man did so after he refused to show his ID 11 times. “I delivered to her,” the driver says to police as he holds him down. “I can attest t