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Stockholm Syndrome? Kamala Harris’s Prosecutors Sent Innocent Man to Prison—Now He’s Voting for Her

  The term Stockholm syndrome  is usually  incorrectly defined as a  mental disease  while  actually,  it's the  psychological response. It occurs when kidnapping, hostage, or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of  the times , weeks, months,  or maybe  years of captivity or abuse. This psychological response by the victim often  leads to  the victim refusing help from those attempting to free them while simultaneously going out of their  thanks to  protecting their captor or abuser. It often manifests as a psychological  defense reaction  but can quickly devolve into a twisted relationship. While the above reference refers to individual captors or abusers, Stockholm Syndrome has also been  wont to  describe people's reactions to oppressive political regimes  because the  mechanism for survival  is that the  same. One could make the argument that Americans  generally  suffer from Stockholm syndrome as administ