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Stockholm Syndrome? Kamala Harris’s Prosecutors Sent Innocent Man to Prison—Now He’s Voting for Her

 The term Stockholm syndrome is usually incorrectly defined as a mental disease while actually, it's the psychological response.

It occurs when kidnapping, hostage, or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers.

This psychological connection develops over the course of the times, weeks, months, or maybe years of captivity or abuse.

This psychological response by the victim often leads to the victim refusing help from those attempting to free them while simultaneously going out of their thanks to protecting their captor or abuser.

It often manifests as a psychological defense reaction but can quickly devolve into a twisted relationship.

While the above reference refers to individual captors or abusers, Stockholm Syndrome has also been wont to describe people's reactions to oppressive political regimes because the mechanism for survival is that the same.

One could make the argument that Americans generally suffer from Stockholm syndrome as administration after administration has acted within the interest of the state while ruin to the liberty and privacy of the individual, with the left and therefore the right both stripping Americans of their rights.

Despite the constant attack on their rights and liberties from those in office, Americans still - with great passion - defend their rulers, to the purpose of violence, who have deceived and fleeced them.

One case especially highlights this tendency of victim/abuser connection quite accurately.

The victim was Jamal Trulove and his abusers were Kamal Harris and her team of prosecutors who sent him to prison for a criminal offense he didn't commit.

Now, Trulove has "Put his differences aside" - whatever meaning - and has pledged his support for the lady whose team put him during a cage for 6 years.

In a recent Twitter post, Trulove says, "My reservations together with her aren't as big as this election is. we have got to urge Donald Trump and his whole administration out of office" the very fact that this man is siding with a lady, whose office was liable for locking him during a cage for 6 years for a criminal offense he didn't commit, just because orange man bad, is utterly shocking.

As TFTP has reported, one among Harris' worst acts during her tenure as San Francisco's DA was committed against Trulove, who spent years in violent prisons after being wrongly convicted within the murder of his friend, Seu Kuka.

During his time during a cage for a criminal offense he didn't commit, Trulove suffered a horrifying fate.

In 2008, under Harris' watch, San Francisco cops framed Trulove for Kuka's murder and despite an entire lack of any physical evidence, Trulove was convicted and caged.

An appeals court would later find that San Francisco cops tasked with solving Kuka's murder worked to border Trulove because of the killer within hours of the shooting.

Harris' role in Trulove's wrongful conviction came within the sort of her office offering gifts to the alleged eyewitness with quite $60,000 in housing and relocation benefits in exchange for her testimony.

Trulove would eventually appeal his case and expose his wrongful conviction and continue to win a $13.1 million payout from San Francisco after he was framed by them.

Apparently, this money was enough to sway his opinion about his captors.

Showing the mental gymnastics Trulove has done since he was freed when Harris announced her bid for president last year, Trulove decided it had been time to talk out.

In a piece of writing in Vice, Trulove said Harris was present at the hearings announcing both the decision and therefore the sentencing in his case.

She even briefly locked eyes with him at one among the proceedings, offering what appeared like a "Smirk," he said.

Trulove told the reported that Harris appeared to "Celebrate" the very fact that her office was locking an innocent man during a cage.

"She wanted to be present for a celebration of a conviction," Trulove said.

"That's what it felt like a celebration."

Now, a person who was locked during a cage for 6 years because of government corruption is supporting that corruption because it's better than the opposite corruption.

Sadly, many of us invest this same trap, all the while ignoring the very fact that the ostensible "Lesser of two evils" remains evil.

Perhaps it is time for America to try to some self-reflection and realize that the whole country could also be affected by Stockholm Syndrome.

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