Body Cam Captures Police Killing a Handcuffed Woman by Dropping Her From a Patrol Car

Prior to her tragic death last month, Brianna Grier, like so many others before her, was afflicted with mental illness. Occasionally, this mother of two would need hospitalisation in order to regain her ability to function. But when police officers, instead of EMS, arrived and took Brianna to prison instead of the hospital, Brianna never had a chance to regain her functionality. Instead, she would be tossed from a police car as it was travelling down the road, and she would perish.

In a visit to Mary and Marvin Grier last month, Hancock County Sheriff Terrell Primus informed them that their daughter Brianna had been evacuated to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. According to the sheriff, Brianna had kicked open the police vehicle door and leapt out while it was moving. Nevertheless, according to a newly revealed body camera video and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation inquiry, responding police failed to shut the passenger door, resulting in her fatal fall.

Brianna's parents and sister phoned 911 on July 14 when she had a schizophrenia episode. She was experiencing a mental health crisis. Marvin Grier informed WMAZ that this was not Brianna's first psychotic episode. Typically, he said, EMS would arrive, bring her to Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin, and take her to the mental ward, but this time was different. Brianna received firearms and identification badges instead of ambulances and medical beds.

The 28-year-old was placed in handcuffs by two deputies who arrived at the house between midnight and one o'clock in the morning. Due to her panic and fear, the deputies believed it would be prudent to shock her with a taser before placing her in the back of the vehicle.

Brianna is shown on body camera video laying on the ground, hysterical and terrified. The deputies then take her by the shoulders and feet and toss her into the trunk of the police vehicle. Before departing, one deputy questioned the other, "Is the passenger door closed?" He answered affirmatively.

Nonetheless, according to the News & Observer, citing further evidence, the GBI said that one of the deputies unlocked the back passenger side door during Grier's arrest but neglected to shut it before leaving. According to authorities, Grier was shackled and not wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident.

She was to be transported to the sheriff's office, but she would never arrive.

Brianna, who was alive before entering the vehicle with cops, was pronounced dead on the side of the road as two deputies slapped her and tried to sit her upright.

As was reported last week, the following day the sheriff informed the family that she had "kicked the door out and leaped out of the vehicle," according to Marvin Grier of WMAZ.

When the Griers arrived at the hospital to see Brianna, they were devastated to discover that she was on life support.

I just broke down and wept because it's so absurd that she was lying up there with tubes and wires all over her for no reason since it didn't have to be that. "It didn't have to be like that," remarked Mary Grier.

Brianna would pass away in four days.

As the family started the process of mourning, they also had many questions. Given that police patrol vehicle doors cannot be opened from the inside, how did Brianna "fall" out of the car after kicking through the door?

Marvin Grier said, "I would do what any other parent would do, and that's what we're trying to do: find answers."

"If she exited the vehicle, they had to let her out." "In a police cruiser, you cannot unlock the door from the inside, therefore it must have been from the outside," Mary Grier said last week.

Now, the family's position has been vindicated. Brianna never kicked through the door since it was never locked, and her death resulted from ineffective police.

Due to ineptitude or malice, the deputies who took up Brianna that night have shattered a family. The two daughters of Brianna will now grow up without their mother.

The graphic body camera footage is seen below. Warning: this is unsettling.

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