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Family members watch in horror as a massive cop kicks a handcuffed woman in the face.

This week, ATLUncensored uploaded an absolutely upsetting video to its Facebook page showing an Atlanta policeman kick a lady in the face as she lays handcuffed on the ground. According to reports, the footage was so outlandish that the cop who kicked the lady was immediately suspended. According to witnesses, cops were apprehending a lady who could only be named Ashley. She was shackled and lying on the ground, behaving oddly, as if she had been taken off her medicine. “Ashley does have some mental health issues, and we assumed she was off her medication since she has been behaving strangely,” Nell Gibson, Ashley's aunt, said. Regardless of her mental health issues, the officer's response was completely unjustified. As Ashley tried to lift her head up off the ground, the unidentified cop chose to strike her in the face with a boot. The kick was so powerful that she instantly collapsed to the ground. “It was a lady handcuffed on the ground. Oh my God, I am completely terrified.