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The History of Police Brutality in Nigeria and How the #EndSARS Movement is Changing the Landscape

The #EndSARS movement has taken the world by storm, with Nigerians from all walks of life uniting in a call for an end to police brutality. The movement has been incredibly successful in drawing attention to a long-standing issue in Nigeria: police brutality. This violence has been an unfortunate reality for Nigerians for decades, and as a result, the #EndSARS movement has been a powerful force for change. The history of police brutality in Nigeria dates back to the colonial era when the British used oppressive tactics to enforce their rule. Over the years, the Nigerian police force has been accused of using excessive force and committing human rights violations in order to maintain order and control the population. Evidence of this can be found in reports from the early 2000s, which documented cases of police brutality against Nigerians. The #EndSARS movement is a direct response to this long history of police brutality in Nigeria. The movement began in 2017 with a social media campai