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President Biden Is Left Silent as He Follows Donald Trump's Barbaric Immigration Policies

One day after Joseph Robinette Biden was inaugurated as President, it was expected that he would continue the Trump administration's most damaging policies. We anticipated that he would strengthen the police state, which he did. We anticipated he would prolong the conflicts and enlarge the military-industrial complex, which he has done. We predicted he would neither stop the “kids in cages” programme nor defund ICE — and in fact, he boosted their budget. Now, he's following in Trump's footsteps once again, but he's worse, and the mainstream media is choosing to whitewash it. Haiti has suffered horrendous human rights violations over the last decade. After Haiti was devastated by a magnitude 7 earthquake in 2010, the Clinton Foundation immediately set about collecting more than $30 million for humanitarian efforts. However, local people said that "the projects never materialised completely, while others point to luxurious hotels purportedly built with relief money t