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Cop Throws Innocent Disabled Man to the Ground and Stomps on His Head for Not Moving Quickly Enough

Clarence Gailyard, 58, a handicapped man, discovered this the hard way this week when he was assaulted by police for just strolling down the street. On July 26, Gailyard and a buddy were walking through his neighborhood when Orangeburg police officer David Dukes approached them, claiming to be responding to a report about a guy with a pistol. Without informing them of his reason for stopping them, Dukes drew his pistol and ordered the two guys to the ground at gunpoint. Despite the fact that they had committed no wrong, neither guy objected, and they both quickly obeyed. Gailyard has several pins and rods in his leg as a result of the surgery he had after a vehicle accident. As a consequence of his injuries, he often uses a cane and is sluggish. While he was following the jackboot's commands, his injuries made it impossible for him to swiftly fall to the ground. Officer Dukes was enraged by Gailyard's sluggish motions and began to accelerate his activities by pounding his head