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The video indicates a couple of law enforcement officials keep guy’s hands As One Cop, again and again, Sucker Punches Him

  Malcolm Coleman, 26, allegedly committed  assault  with a firearm  then  resisted officers  after they  attempted  to put  him under arrest for it. Everyone will agree that Coleman should be held  answerable for  his alleged crimes, however, because a cop couldn’t control himself,  a person  who many will say should be in prison, will likely get a hefty check from the Pennsylvania taxpayers too. The incident unfolded on Friday when police were  trying to find  Coleman on charges of  assault  with a firearm.  in keeping with  police,  after they  attempted  to require  Coleman into custody, he resisted with violence. That violent resistance  isn't  seen  within the  brief video below, however. According to  an announcement  from Norristown  officer  Mark E. Talbot, the incident unfolded on Friday, November 6th at 430 p.m. Norristown Police received information that Malcolm Coleman, was  within the  200 block of Franklin Street. Coleman was reported to be wanted for an  assault  wi