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Not Just Brutality, Cops Keep Getting Arrested for Child Sex Crimes While On-Duty

  Police brutality in America is an undeniable problem  that's  seen in every city in every state across the country. On a  day to day , video after video surfaces proving  now . Many American cops have another dirty secret - their disgusting desire to  feed on  children. In only the  previous couple of  weeks, TFTP has reported on multiple officers who were caught distributing child  sexual assault  material, also  mentioned  as  kiddie porn ,  also  as sexually assaulting children. Many  of those  disgusting  enforcement  officers were committing these horrifying crimes while on the taxpayer's dime. While the aforementioned officers were caught running child porn networks, other cops are caught physically raping children. One of  the foremost  glaring instances of this problem was  delivered to  light last week when  the previous  Boston Police Patrolmen's Association President Pat Rose was arrested on child rape charges. According to WBZ-TV, Rose was arrested last Wednes