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Cops on the hunt for a WHITE suspect arrest the first innocent melanin man they see.

In  one in every of   the foremost  egregious acts of ignorance, violence, and  racialism  we’ve ever seen from police, an innocent  Melanin man  was assaulted at his home and kidnapped for fitting  the outline  of a suspect. The suspect was a  Caucasian . Body camera footage was released  in the week  which is now  the topic  of a civil rights lawsuit against the  l. a.  department of local government   and also the  city. LAPD officers accosted and arrested Antone Austin and his girlfriend  ahead  of his home because the officers were too lazy and ignorant  to understand   the person  they were  trying to find  was white. The incident unfolded on  Empire day , 2019, but the body camera has  just about  been released after  the town  kept it from  the general public   for 2  years. The  L.A  City Attorney’s office had said  during a  court filing that it  didn't  want the  LA   local department  video released publicly because  it'd  “be contrary to LAPD policy  and should  ha