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10 Cops Do Nothing as Officer Calls Woman a ‘F****g C**t’, Assaults Her for Legally Filming

At the point when Salim saw almost twelve cops start to encompass a man outside a 7/11 on Sunday, she chose to rehearse her first alteration option to film the police. As the video demonstrates, Salim is far enough away not to be viewed as a danger and isn't talking or saying anything to the officials who have an unarmed man totally encompassed. Michael DeLong approached Salim and got in her face. The official, who is unmistakably bigger, wearing a slug confirmation vest, conveying a weapon, and encompassed by 10 of his individual cops, singled out this young lady in what must be called a demonstration of terrorizing and harassing. 

Be that as it may, Salim would not be tormented. "We have cameras, too, " DeLong says as he approaches undermine and threaten Salim. "Would you be able to escape from me?" Salim says. The expression "move me" here is an unmistakable endeavor to incite Salim. 

Rather than playing the domineering jerk's down, anyway, Salim held fast. "Reason me, " he reacts, as he pushes his body weight and truly ambushes the young lady. To legitimize his tormenting strategies and resulting ambush, DeLong tells the lady that the man has a split channel and attacked his mom. Anyway, he gave off an impression of being such an irrelevant danger, that none of the officials included had to such an extent as a taser pulled on him. 

"You're an insolent little f ** lord c ** t, that is the thing that you are!" DeLong says before strolling before her and breathing down her neck. "You will be viral, " the lady lets him know. In the wake of undermining the lady, DeLong then continues to berate her to get the walkway. In any case, it is an open walkway, so Salim, again, declared her privileges. 

"I couldn't care less on the off chance that I become famous online, " DeLong says. In the wake of being totally closed down, DeLong then tells the lady that "I'm going to go to your work and film you". Salim's badgering didn't end at the 7/11, anyway. In the wake of pulling out of the store, she was then focused on and evidently followed by DeLong to additionally scare her. 

He was a harasser who ambushed an honest young lady who was securing her first alteration option to free discourse. Fortunately for Salim, her forecasts of "becoming a web sensation" were right and 24 hours after she presented the video on her Facebook page, DeLong was suspended without pay. 

As Wild ox News reports 

Rinaldo said DeLong has been suspended without pay. The following is a video indicating everything amiss with police in America. A dictator threatened and attacked a young lady for rehearsing her entitlement to free discourse as the entirety of his individual officials never really stop him.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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