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‘He Can't Breathe!': People Call 911 to Record Cops Allegedly Choking Guy on Roadside

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, officials across the country moved to ban the employment of carotid restraints — the sort of restraint that always renders an individual unconscious by restricting the flow of blood to the brain by compressing the edges of the neck where the carotid arteries are located. In California, the practice was banned statewide.

“At the tip of the day, the carotid hold that literally is intended to prevent people’s blood from flowing into their brain – that has no place from now on in 21st-century practices,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in June.

“LAPD banned the employment of the chokehold, if you'll, and limited it to only deadly force situations,” former L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell told local media last year.

Despite the large pushback against the harmful practice, a video uploaded to Twitter in the week shows cops don't have any problem disregarding the policy and applying the chokehold.

On March 30, police received a call about an alleged package theft and around 6:20 p.m., officers spotted a person walking down Danielson St. holding a package. the person fit the outline of the alleged thief and was detained by two L. A. County Sheriff’s deputies.

The man immediately admitted to deputies that the package was indeed not his and he would later be identified by a postal worker.

“That’s a clue,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said. “The deputies attempted to detain the person regarding a theft investigation, which appears like a decent idea, right?”

According to police, while they were detaining the person, he became uncooperative, and that they escalated force to realize control of things.

“The man became uncooperative and a use of force occurred,” LASD said.

During the escalation of force, two witnesses were driving by and stopped to film it. What they witnessed they found so shocking they really called 911 to report it.

In the video, we are able to see one deputy apply the chokehold while the opposite punch him in his face repeatedly.

“Tell him to prevent, tell him to preventI would like him to prevent. He can’t breathe,” the anonymous witness is often heard saying within the video.

As the witnesses tell the 911 dispatcher their location, just before the video ends, the deputies are seen holding the person down and he doesn't appear to be moving. The video then ends.

After the video began circulating on Twitter, the sheriff’s office issued a press release.

“Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station is alert to a video circulating on social media,” said station officials. “A use of force investigation is currently ongoing.”

According to bystanders, the person was transported in an ambulance to a neighborhood hospital. The sheriff’s department reported that the suspect, who wasn't named, suffered moderate injuries but didn't require hospitalization.

After the suspect was medically cleared, he was booked at Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station for robbery and assault on a law officerper the statement.

After the video began to travel viral, police would later claim that the person ‘simulated a handgun’ — a convenient move in an endeavor to justify the chokehold.

After Cops Execute Teen, Destroy Security Cameras, Autopsy Finds He Was Shot in the Back

Consistent with his circle of relatives, he turned into operating as a security guard at a repair store in LA. Before police fired 7 shots into him as witnesses say he became on his knees along with his palms behind his head. After they killed him, police then destroyed all the cameras that could have stuck the interplay earlier than stealing the DVR from the restore save.

Res' parents, Cristobal and Elisa Guardado stated the autopsy confirms "What we have regarded all along, that's that Andres changed into unjustifiably killed by means of a LA County Sheriff's deputy." "Andres changed into an excellent boy, he became our son and he had so many lifestyles in advance of him," his parents said in a statement.

"Our son should no longer die this way. We understand that there may be nonetheless a protracted manner to head, but we are going to keep to hold combating for justice for Andres. We want to make certain that different families do no longer must go through as we've. We ask that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's branch launch their protection hold on the post-mortem record and all different proof they've. We want solutions." according to police, deputies saw Guardado, who turned into running as protection defends at an auto frame shop, flash a handgun before strolling closer to corporations, prompting deputies to pursue the suspect and fatally shoot him within the torso.

Every week after killing their son, the circle of relatives has discovered that they could not be receiving the effects of their son's autopsy any time quickly.

"considering that LASD placed protection keep on the case, the report and the purpose of dying cannot be launched to the general public," Sarah Ardalani, the general public statistics Officer for the l.  A. County health worker-Coroner's office, instructed CNN. So the own family conducted their personal.

News of the department hiding the results of the post-mortem, confiscating the video, no longer carrying frame cameras, and killing a teen on his knees in line with witnesses, comes as LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva promises transparency.

"(The own family of Andres Guardado) call for, and deserve, full transparency from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department concerning the information surrounding the demise of this younger guy," an assertion from attorney Adam Shea stated.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...