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Cops Compelled to Taser K-9 After It Mauled Teen for NINE MINUTES

 Devondrea Williams' nightmare this week escalated into a nightmare when police let their K-9 attack him for 8 to 9 minutes, according to the teen's relatives. Williams' mother is now seeking answers after receiving nothing but abuse from the cops. According to police, they were looking into an alleged altercation between an unknown person and the driver of a truck in which Williams was a passenger. The vehicle was stopped by police when the driver became engaged in a brawl, but Williams was targeted "for no reason." According to Williams, officers sought his information before ordering him out of the pickup truck's rear seat. “I notice him going for his handcuffs, and as I try to place my hand in this position, he forcefully grabs my arm. I stare at him, and then two more policemen shove me. They shove me into the vehicle, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the dog, and then the dog attacks me,” Williams told KMOV. “I believe he bit me five times.” Regean