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Cops handcuff man for ‘obstructing sidewalk,' then repeatedly punch and kick him in the testicles and face

A frightening video was released, prompting demands for the resignation of the Hammond police chief. It shows many cops slamming boots and knees into a man's face and neck as other officers kick and punch him mercilessly. The victim, Kendrick Ratliff, was shackled the whole time and unable to defend himself, much alone constitute a danger to the cops. Seth Stoughton, an attorney and former police officer who teaches at the University of South Carolina School of Law, appeared before the Hammond City Council last week, alleging that the video of Ratliff's beating is "among the most egregious uses of force" he has ever studied. The event occurred on Dec. 6, 2017, and despite the graphic footage, FBI inquiry, and expert evidence, not a single cop involved has received even a wrist slap. Indeed, one of them was raised to the rank of chief. The video, which was released to local ABC station WBRZ, portrays gruesome and unlawful behaviour. The police chief and the city have r

Cops Kneel, Stand On Handcuffed Man's Neck, Kick Him In The Testicles And Face Repeatedly

  A disturbing video was leaked this week which is leading to calls for the chief of the Hammond police department to resign. It shows multiple officers put boots and knees on a man's face and neck as other officers savagely kick and punch him. The entire time, the victim, Kentdrick Ratliff, was handcuffed and unable to defend himself much less pose a threat to the officers. The video was leaked to the local ABC affiliate WBRZ this week and depicts an act that is nothing short of graphic and criminal. The video was released publicly on Wednesday, yet the police chief and the city have refused to acknowledge it. This is despite the fact that officers within the department were the ones to leak the video. "We are dismayed and extremely disappointed that Hammond Police Chief Edwin Bergeron and Mayor Pete Panepinto have yet to release a statement regarding the incidents," the state, Hammond area and Baton Rouge NAACP groups said in a joint letter released to WBRZ Wednesday. A