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Cops Spray 30 Rounds at Unarmed Man for Running From Them

Devin Nolley made the bad choice in December 2018 to operate a stolen car and then flee from police when they attempted to apprehend him. Nolley should have been arrested and imprisoned for his conduct, and he should have fulfilled his sentence to society. None of it occurred, however, since two Georgia officers decided to act as judge, jury, and executioner. Rather than spending time for his crimes, Nolley is now a paraplegic – paralysed from the waist down — and Atlanta taxpayers will almost certainly foot the bill for his round-the-clock care.

The bright lining, in this case, is that the cops who tried to kill an unarmed fleeing man, East Point officers Rodney Etienne and Shiron Nicole Varner, were indicted earlier this month for their acts that tragic day. Authorities tried to apprehend Nolley after seeing him in a stolen black Nissan at a shopping centre, according to police. Rather than halt, Nolley left the retail mall as officers opened fire in a heavily crowded area in an effort to apprehend him.

According to the two cops, Nolley tried to run them over with his automobile. However, video evidence revealed after their conviction last month demonstrates that this was not the case.

"My client just reversed and went past them, and that is when they began firing at him at the Camp Creek Marketplace," Jackie Patterson, one of Nolley's lawyers, stated in 2019.

This assertion is corroborated by video.

Additionally, the cops would force Nolley's automobile to crash on I-285 before trying to execute him as he fled.

"He leapt out of the truck, hopped over the railing, and ran into the woods," Patterson said. "That's when they shot him in the back, and he was absolutely unarmed." "He sustained two gunshot wounds to the back and two gunshot wounds to the legs." According to the dash and body camera footage — which was kept hidden for nearly three years — Nolley is seen rushing out of the driver's side door and trying to run into the woods before his car even stops moving. Rather than pursue him, use a taser, or use less-lethal force, Etienne and Varner opened fire on the defenceless guy, spraying 30 bullets at him as he fled, posing no danger.

Nolley was unarmed when he left the car and fled, the complaint claims, and "presented no risk" to the cops, who "had no cause to assume Mr. Nolley constituted a safety threat to anybody as he fled on foot." When cops shot at him, he was struck twice in the legs and twice in the back, the complaint claims, leaving him paralysed from the waist down. According to the complaint, there was no legal basis for the use of force, which was described as "unreasonable and disproportionate."A judge agreed last month and charged both policemen with various offences stemming from the event. According to the Associated Press, the aggravated assault and battery charges, as well as one violation of oath count, stem from Nolley's shooting, while the reckless conduct charge and the other violation of oath count stem from officers firing their guns at the shopping centre, endangering the safety of a woman.

According to the GBI, one of the shots fired at the retail centre struck a pharmacy store on a nearby lot, wounding a lady with falling glass. Fortunately, their acts did not result in the harm or death of any other innocent individuals. Nolley's action demands a jury trial and damages in the amount of $30 million, in addition to legal expenses and fees.

The videos are listed below.

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