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Cops Mistake Veteran's Stroke For Intoxication, Beat, Mock And Arrest Him

Hanvey says the ultimate thing he recalls that night changed into waking up surrounded by law enforcement officials. In police reports filed the night in question first responders alleged Hanvey changed into "possibly intoxicated" and "Uncooperative and belligerent," charging him with assaulting a police officer. Now not till Tammy and Allen subsequently obtained the frame digital camera pictures did they realize police attacked the innocent man having a stroke and lied approximately Hanvey attacking them. Because the video indicates, while the police arrive at the scene, Hanvey is slumped over within the driving force's seat of his vehicle and has no clue what is going on as cops shine flashlights in his face. More than one time, Hanvey tells the police and the paramedics who are also on the scene, that he cannot bodily move - that is the first-rate symptom of a stroke. In preference to figuring out that Hanvey changed into scientific distress an