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‘Open the Door or I’ll Shoot’: innocent teenagers Held at Gunpoint—Police Refuse to mention Why

A group of teens was pulled over by a gang of  law enforcement officials  from the Rockford Illinois  local department , held at gunpoint,  and therefore the  infuriating incident was captured on video. We use the term “gang” because the cops were  wearing  plains clothes with some even wearing identity disguising gang-style bandannas. The stop resulted in no arrests, not even a ticket. Despite the threat of deadly force, the Rockford  local department  has refused to answer why the cop drew the gun or reported a  clap on  the wrist for any of the officers involved  in the  stop. It has been six months since these innocent teens had their lives threatened by crazed cops and not  one  person has been held accountable. From the video  the kids  recorded,  it's  clear  the motive force  pulled over and was patiently  looking forward to  the cops to approach the driver’s side window. However,  rather than  approaching  the driving force  and explaining why he was being pulled over, the