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Great-Grandma Arrested, Given Body Cavity Search for Her Legal CBD for Arthritis

  If ever you needed an instance of the immoral imbecility of america's war on tablets and the utter lack of vital idea via folks who enforce it, the tale TFTP said last year of a outstanding-grandma getting abducted and caged for completely prison CBD oil is it. Now, this remarkable-Grandmother is fighting back in the shape of an $18 million lawsuit in opposition to Disney world, the Orlando Police branch and Orange County Sheriff's deputies. When we at the beginning said the tale, it were given even extra infuriating after body digicam footage confirmed the absolutely harmless incredible-grandma on the verge of fall apart as she is being kidnapped by police. Hester Burkhalter, 69, become arrested on April 15, 2019 when Disney security found a vial of cannabinoid oil, or CBD oil, in her purse while she exceeded it to be searched at Magic kingdom, where she was visiting together with her two followed youngsters. This super-grandmother become detained in the front of her husband