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Proposed Law to Require Police to Submit to Drug Tests if They Beat or Shoot Someone

Cops in Louisville, Kentucky may before long be required to submit to a medication test on the off chance that they become savage during a "basic episode. In a first of its sort proposition in the division, the Louisville Metro Gathering is pushing through a law that will require cops to submit to a medication and liquor test after they shoot or hurt somebody.  "Anyone who doesn't have any issues with liquor or medications would invite far-reaching testing, especially after a basic episode, " she said. As the Free Idea Venture writes about a normal premise, cops the nation over are frequently found carrying out similar violations for which they routinely grab and confine individuals. From taking from noble cause to selling and utilizing drugs they take from their occupations as cops, many cops have demonstrated to be as awful or more terrible than the hoodlums from which they guarantee to secure society. In the event that after case, TFTP has given an account of